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Legwork website + Legwork software

Powerful alone. Better together. 

Optimizing your website to increase your online traffic is important.  Converting prospects into appointments is priceless.  
Legwork Websites give you an unfair advantage when it comes to conversion.  
Legwork website leads don't just stop by.  They hang around, ask questions, and make appointments.

Capture website leads from your website and group them in the Legwork Software. 


Capture and group your web leads. Lead capture forms that are strategically placed throughout your site will allow for prospective patients to request information.  As those leads submit forms, they are conveniently placed into pre-categorized groups inside your Legwork Software.  This makes it easy to track, monitor, and follow-up on new leads coming from your site.

Online book appointment forms connect directly to your Legwork Software. 


Phone book?  Phone call?  No thanks. The old fashion phone call is a thing of the past. If you’re not offering a way to book an appointment online, you're not catering to the next generation that prefers new media.  Legwork provides easy, quick online appointment booking that integrates easily into your website and speaks directly to our software.

Track your websites performance and analyze the results on the Legwork software dashboard. 


Track your traffic and evaluate your R.O.I.  Connecting Google Analytics to your Legwork software dashboard provides you with real-time data on your web traffic and how it translates to improving your bottom line.  

Integrate digital health history forms onto your website with Legwork. 


Paper-LESS. Upon appointment request, new patients can be directed to your website to collect their health history information digitally and securely.  This information is then delivered right to the patient file inside the Legwork dashboard for easy retrieval.