We love our dentists.

Thankfully, the feeling is mutual!

Legwork has been an essential part of our recent growth. Not only have they helped us more than double our new patient numbers, their platform has given us the tools to better communicate and interact with our patients. We wouldn't work without them!

Dr. Joseph Barker

Within two days of activating our account with Legwork, we began seeing an increase in google reviews which were brought through the Legwork review system. Also, I'm not the most computer savvy individual, and I find that Legwork's dashboard is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I admire the fact that Legwork believes in their product and does not tie their client's to shady contractual agreements which some of their competitors do. Their service agreement is on a monthly basis. I also believe for the services that are offered, the monthly fees are fair and affordable especially in comparison to their competitors. I am very pleased with the Legwork team and I would recommend them to any dental practice.

Dr. Natalie Wagstaffe-Stoute

Over the past year working with Legwork, I have found them to be exceptionally responsive and helpful. They helped me create a website that I am proud to invite people to visit and put up with me asking for little tweaks to make it just that little bit better. Our dental patients have really enjoyed the appointment reminder system and the blog that Legwork writes on our behalf. Ultimately, as a client, you really feel that Korey and his gang are committed to your business' success and your vision for how your dental office is seen by current and future patients.

Dr. Scott Lawson

I’ve worked with other companies, hired freelance and web designers. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money on web sites, branding and other services. The problem I consistently ran into was, they didn’t know me and trying to explain who you are is a hard thing to do. Working with Legwork has been different. I feel like they know me and as a result been able to better formulate our brand in my image.

Dr. Thomas Kang

What more can I say… Legwork helped us double our new patient flow in just 12 months.

Dr. Frank Calvo

The team at Legwork has been instrumental in helping save my team valuable time while improving the patient experience.

Dr. Ryan Chiang

Legwork PRM is great to work with! Their patient automated systems and website design were seamless and I feel that they have a vested interest in my dental practice's success.

Dr. Michael Savidan

Very impressed with Legwork and our results have been solid. Before working with legwork, we were averaging 15 new patients a month in our dental practice. Since we began working with legwork, we have been averaging 30 new patients a month. Our goal was to provide the best dental experience we could and because of that, our good online reputation has grown considerably with the help of Legwork's review system. I can't recommend Legwork high enough!

Dr. Jeff Clawson

As a busy professional, don't waste your time looking at other options for dental marketing/appointment software. From the interface to the low cost, the competition doesn't compare. Plus, the team behind Legwork defines integrity, professionalism, and a laser-sharp focus on our profession. Start with the software and then explore everything else they can do for you. Instrumental to our practice's three-fold growth and solid reputation. Thank you, Legwork!

Dr. Greg Grillo

Legwork’s complete marketing platform has helped us lower overall costs, dramatically increase staff productivity, and improve the financial performance of our practice. In fact, the number of new patients has increased by 30% each month; our internal referrals has increased by 20%; and our recall has decreased by 15%. The Legwork staff are incredibly receptive, interactive and responsive to our needs. The team took the time to get to know our business and who we are and constantly tailor our marketing to be consistent and effective.

There’s no rating high enough to give Legwork the credit they deserve.

Dr. David Richardson & Michelle Richardson

I have been working with Legwork for more than 4 years now. I did the right step. From the early planning stage of setting up a brand new specialty practice to the current successful practice I enjoy today, Legwork has been my marketing 'department'. Check out my website, adarveprosthodontics.com, my logo, my business suites and even my recall and automated marketing service, they are all customized for my practice.

I am a believer and champion of Legwork! Way to go Legwork!

Dr. Ranier Adarve

I interviewed 5 different companies when I was looking to make a change to my web and overall marketing strategy. Why 5? Because I had been burned once by not doing my homework. So I looked at both major players in this market and smaller niche companies. It was the concepts of marketing that Korey and his team shared with me that made me realize that they don't just try to copycat the big boys. Their knowledge was up-to-date, and their ability to customize my marketing made them the clear choice for me. And they have delivered everything as promised! I really feel that they are part of my office team and we all have the same goals of success for our practice.

Dr. John Bellerjeau

I have had the pleasure of working with Legwork for over a year now after numerous other marketing companies fell short of producing quality and consistent results for my business. Legwork continues to evolve with the changing market and strives to stay ahead of the curve with new SEO strategies. I have employed them to assist with creating and integrating my brand throughout my office. My team has found Legwork to be easy to work with and open to our ideas as to how to improve their already advanced software. I cannot say enough about their integrity and willingness to do whatever it takes to produce the desired result. Thank you Korey and the Legwork team!

Dr. David Tobias