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Monitor.  Analyze.  Execute.

The Legwork dashboard helps you gain insight into your patient and lead flow to see which internal and online marketing
communications are working well, and which might need some more of your attention.

Legwork's task lists integrated on the Legwork dashboard allow you to plan your day and uncover missing data. 


Get ahead of it and uncover opportunities.  The Legwork task list arms your team with valuable incoming patient appointment data.   Uncover key areas of new treatment and be aware of data you lack in your patient files such as email and mobile numbers.  

The Legwork dashboard visually shows you who is scheduled and who needs to be scheduled, increasing the efficiency of your front desk staff. 


Instant hit lists.   Need to know who is due for appointments, who received what communications, or which patients are inactive? Legwork pulls critical data points from your practice management software and makes creating and taking acting on specific patient lists easy.

View new patient and referral trends inside the Legwork dashboard. 


Steady as you go.  Customizable new patient and referral graphs  provide you with an intuitive visual to help you analyze your daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly average new patient flow.  

Set goals and reach them using Legwork's appointment reminder system. 


More patient bottoms in your dental chairs means an improvement in your bottom line.  Legwork tracks every met appointment giving you customizable account of your actual patient visits for improved goal setting.

Google Analytics integrates onto the Legwork dashboard so you always know how your website is performing. 


Which page do they like most?  Google Analytics is fed right to your Legwork dashboard giving you valuable insights into your web traffic,  most popular content, time on spent on site, and more.  

Legwork reports collect and display demographic information from your patient database.


The more you know.  Knowing your audience and where they're coming from is a key metric targeting.   Legwork provides graphical percentages of each zip code and age ranges from within your active patient population to help you remain on target with all your marketing.