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Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows a site needs optimization for SEO. Amazingly though, many sites built today don’t get even the basic SEO tuning that they should.  But with Google as the primary source behind buying decisions, it’s more than critical that your website is built to give Google what it requires. At Legwork, our designers understand what today’s search engines want.  All our sites are created with an SEO-centric mindset. 



While SEO is a complex formula made up of many factors, Legwork ensures that we do our part to set your website up for success in the search rankings.   Legwork produces each website page with clean HTML markup that is fully indexable by search engines.


Mobile usage is skyrocketing.  Every day, mobile browsing takes a greater share of the total internet usage by consumers.  But not all sites will display correctly on a mobile device.  In fact, research shows that over 55% of all sites have yet to be mobile-optimized.  As well, mobile optimization plays a large role in how Google ranks websites in their search rankings. 



Legwork will connect back links to your page for easy display of your social network profile links, letting patients follow you on every major social network. Back links are helpful for adding credibility in the eyes of Google's ranking algorithm.


Legwork CMS hosting platform is a paid service that aggressively fights spam.  Free services like Wordpress or Wix are targets for spammers.  You run the potential risk of being falsely grouped with other spam sites without added complex security, which can be costly.



Legwork automatically sets up 301 redirects for any relevant pages from your old website to redirect to your new website. This ensures that visitors won’t get lost if they find an old URL in the SERP results and it also transfers 90-95% of page reputation to the new page. 


Content from connected services is always downloaded into the Legwork CMS platform, meaning that your website will be served from a single source.  This dramatically improves load time.



Legwork CMS sites will automatically generates and links a proper site map.xml, favored by Google.


All primary pages on your website will contain clean URLs that Google favors for indexing your site in search.