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Legwork Content Samples Archive

The Legwork content samples archive was developed so you can see what's possible with
our patient communication and website development ecosystem.




Treatment educational videos serve a purpose, which is to help patients understand the clinical side of treatment.  However, they aren't useful for patients who need to move various emotional barriers to accept treatment.  Legwork treatment inspiration videos are designed to motivate and inspire or to empathize with patients on a non-clinical level.  



E-books are digital booklets, delivered in a standard PDF readable format, that offer patients in-depth insight into various services you
offer.  Ebooks are used as a call-t0-action (CTA) to engage visitors on your website who are not yet ready to schedule but want to learn more about a particular service.  They can request an e-book in exchange for providing their name an email.  That lead data is then captured and stored in Legwork Software and begins an email sequence designed to nurture and encourage scheduling.

In addition to be used as a lead capture source on your website, educational ebooks can be sent to patients manually from inside the Legwork dashboard with just a few clicks.



Workflows, also called sequences, allow you to put your lead prospecting or patient retention on autopilot to keep them from slipping through the cracks.  This frees up your teams valuable time allowing them to be more present with each patient they serve.

Legwork workflow automation are pre-designed and time sequences that most commonly are sent via email and postal channels.  However, text messaging and auto-calling are effective channels for communications such as appointment reminders, recall and review requests.



For nearly two decades, Legwork has been a leader in designing websites that positively impact patient decision-making behavior.  Naturally, as the web has evolved, so has the method in which patients research, locate and ultimately select their dental provider.  Today, Legwork is the first dental company to build what we call mobile-first websites to adapt to the new demand of richer mobile experiences.  To accomplish this, we purposefully avoid frivolous bells and whistles in exchange for efficient, scalable design.  Additionally, we infuse rich, engaging content experiences that have little to do with clinical philosophy and everything to do with building instant rapport and trust with each visitor.  We do this because we’ve learned it’s what patients want.  That’s happiness delivered.