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The next evolution in dental marketing is here.  


Focus on your patients.

Patients are the source of practice growth; find out what they like about your practice, and what you can improve. With Net Promoter Scores and a full view of online reviews, PXI gives you everything you need to craft an experience patients love so they can tell the world.


Break through the noise.

PXI uses powerful automation to turn happy patients into your most powerful marketing asset, by requesting reviews on your behalf so they can spread the word about your practice. Generate the social proof your practice needs to stand out from the crowd.


Grow like never before.

When you make patients happy, they’ll want to tell their friends and the world. Referral patients cost less to acquire and have higher production rates over their time with your practice, and PXI asks your happiest customers to bring them in automatically.

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Get the reviews that matter.

Legwork PXI was designed to grow your online reputation beyond what any other platform can offer.

Our all-new review platform ties into our powerful Net Promoter Score system, identifies patients who are most likely to leave a positive review, and automatically requests reviews on your behalf. Review requests deliver patients directly to platforms like Facebook and Google, making it simple and easy for your patients to leave high-quality reviews for your dental practice.

Get the essential social proof your practice needs, and build your reputation across the web without putting strain on your front office.

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See the entire landscape.

Get the complete picture of your practice’s reputation. View patient reviews on multiple review sites all from one interface.

Quantify the patient experience with our new Net Promoter Scores system, which shows you the experience each patient has, and goes deeper to explain why.

PXI delivers the insights you need to craft a great patient experience, giving you context on your review scores, and displaying changes in your patients’ sentiment over time.

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The best growth platform
on the market.

Most reputation management platforms are focused on words. With unmatched referral generation tools, PXI is all about action.

The Net Promoter Score system identifies patients who are most likely to provide a referral, so you can send requests with confidence. With Legwork’s automatic referral reward fulfillment you can provide incentives and bring in more new appointments than ever before.

Our reviews platform encourages happy patients to tell their friends and family about your practice, so you can grow faster and further.

There's a conversation happening between your patients.

Be part of it with PXI.


One platform, unparalleled functionality. Schedule a demo today and we’ll show you how
Legwork PXI can transform the way you grow your dental practice.