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Don't be the needle.  Be the haystack.

With 5 billion searches a day, it's important to optimize your business listings to be found in more places, more effectively.  Legwork knows that  consistency is key to connecting patients with your website. 

 Legwork helps distribute your business listing to the five main data aggregators on the web.


Attack the source.  There are only five main companies on the internet that serve (aggregate) the majority of the location data for local search engines. Legwork helps you clean up and be consistent with your business listing data on all five platforms.  In addition, we update another 50 sub-directories to ensure you're optimized for local search.  

 Accurate business listings on the internet is an important factor in SEO. 


Measure three times, cut once.  When a patient searches for your practice, search engines and mobile applications use the data from these aggregators  to provide search results.  Inaccurate listing data runs the risk of your listing not showing up in results.

 Ensure that your business name, address, phone number, and website are showing up accurately on local search. 


Get found where it matters most. Legwork helps ensure that your business name, website, phone number, and address are correct across local listings so that patients can find you. These listings also help increase Google ranking by validating that you are a real business. 

 Legwork will help you remove your duplicate listings. 


Don't compete with yourself. Duplicate listings can cause a variety of issues: One of your listings with an incorrect address may outrank another; reviews become spread out across multiple listings and hard to find; major search engines don't know which listings to trust. Legwork can help identify and delete duplicate listings.