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Legwork Promise

Happiness Delivered.  

Legwork is a spirited family of dental software and marketing experts who believe that delivering happiness is at the core of all we do. When fully realized, delivering happiness is not only a direct expression of how we care and serve our customers, but also ourselves. It embodies our internal culture (how we treat each other), our families (how we treat our own), and the community (how we give back). And finally, it represents our intense focus on developing the most innovative SAAS (software as a service) based dental marketing software on the market today, for a fair price.

How It's Done

The best way to grow your practice is by transforming patients, both new and old, into happy and loyal promoters. This requires the tools to create memorable brand experiences that patients are excited to share with others.  This is where the Legwork Smile Marketing Platform shines.  The Legwork Patient Relationship Management (PRM) software forms the foundation of the platform.  This revolutionary software is designed to provide internal and online marketing automation tools and data together, all in one single platform.  

Legwork Mission

More Innovation.  Best Price.  Without Compromise. 

Legwork continues to build innovative marketing service platforms that solve what we call the $300 marketing trap.  This wasteful trap is an inherent flaw in the area of dental marketing and communications.  It operates under the premise that while nearly every marketing software and/or service costs (on average) just $300, not one of these alone, or combined with other fragmented services, fully solves a dental practices true marketing challenge.   In other words, clients only need the basic patient communication services and shouldn't have to spend $300 a month to get it, or they need more than a single vendor can offer and end up with costly fragmented services that fail to provide any tangible results.   Legwork solves both of these categories with our tiered subscription style pricing and our all-in-one smile marketing platform.  All of this without compromising customer service and support.  
That's Happiness Delivered. 

Our Personal Mission

Keeping the main thing, the main thing.  

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36  

Legwork has a great story to tell about how blessed we have been to even be in business. The storyline and milestones we have reached as a company have been nothing short of miracles. Literally.  We know why we are here, and we know we are taken care of. Therefore, we thoroughly enjoy more than anything else, giving back to those around us who need it. But you won't find us shouting this from the rooftops. And we aren't going to push any agenda on anyone. But you can guarantee we will always keep the main thing, the main thing.  



If you or an organization you're a part of is in need of resources that Legwork can help with, feel free to send them our way!