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Investors demonstrate their belief in the Legwork model with a new round of funding.

Marks 2018 as the year of new feature innovation!


We are excited to share that Legwork has raised a Series-C round of funding, with participation from our existing investors.  This funding will be marked as a time of great significance in Legwork’s history as it further fuels our recent growth and plan for more expansion. 

Legwork has seen tremendous growth in the last two years.  We feel very fortunate to have tripled our subscription base in 2016 and did it again in 2017.  And we are on pace to triple it for the 3rd time in 2018.  

To accommodate our growth, we more than doubled the size of our team to 35, and we recently purchased a 30,000 square foot historic downtown building that we are remodeling to give us some much-needed elbow room.  These are exciting times for Legwork, and we are elated to share some significant feature releases we have coming for you, our valued clients.

It goes without saying that making bold claims about software features pre-release, comes with inherent risks.  But Legwork has built it’s brand on transparency, from publicizing our pricing rates to halting website development, our most profitable services, for 90 days to re-tool the department due to poor service delivery.  We find that transparency matters.  So, without further delay, here’s what you can bank on in 2018!

First, We Will Play A Little Catch-Up On Some Much-Needed Features You Have Asked For.

  • Spanish Templates (or any language)
    This will give clients the ability to customize and automate messaging in the software for any language. 

  • ASAP List Messaging
    We will hook into the P.M.S. to help make it easier to automatically fill canceled appointment slots with patients who have asked to be on an asap list.

  • Unscheduled Treatment Automation
    Enhanced ability to automate follow-up communications based on treatment codes.

  • Enhanced Marketing Library
    Newly designed e-book, services videos, and automated drip marketing work-flows.

  • Website landing page surveys
    Increase website lead capturing and conversion capabilities with custom survey tools for services like Invisalign, implants and more.


Now, I am sure you’re saying to yourself, those features are nice, but they aren’t earth-shattering.  There’s got to be more to this story.  

You’re right.  And yes, there is!



Legwork is building software that improves the patient experience in ways that have never been done before. 

This funding has allowed us the freedom, and the horse-power we needed to build something brand new, something no one has thought of before in the dental industry.  And the thing clients say they want most is more reviews and more online exposure.  But the industry has placed too much emphasis on just “getting a review”.  And in our opinion, we have lost site of why a review is so important. 

We concluded that the true value of a review is not actually the review itself, it is more than that.  It should be a mechanism for revealing, measuring, and building upon the sentiment of every patient visit.  If patients are willing to review, they are also going to refer.  And that is the real reason any dentist ultimately wants reviews - to grow the practice!

Next, we asked ourselves, what if we could deliver sentiment data right to the Legwork dashboard to empower dental teams with patient insights and tools they need to make the patient experience the best it can be?  

What if we could easily measure and report on patient promoters (those likely to refer others) and detractors (those who didn’t see value in the experience)?




And, what if you could effortlessly communicate to promoters to request reviews on outside platforms such as Google while remaining within their new guidelines? (there’s more on this subject coming in a future article).



Even better, what if we could also ask, thank and gift promoters for referrals by leveraging Legwork’s automated referral platform.  This will massively increase referral growth - the lifeblood of every dental practice!

And finally, what if we could direct real-time data to help create team accountability and improve the patient experience for those detractors?


Soon you can!

Announcing the new PXI Feature Stack (Patient Experience Insights), from Legwork

The day is soon coming when the value of knowing who the promoters and detractors are in your practice will be right at your fingertips to help you boost referrals and improve the patient experience - the lifeblood of every dental practice!  

Stay tuned. The next evolution of patient experience is near. 



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