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Low-hanging fruit

One of the biggest misconceptions in dental marketing is that new patients only come from external sources.  In fact, one of the most powerful methods of generating new leads is by leveraging your internal patient base.  From increased referrals to enhancing your online reputation and search optimization, Legwork helps you capture the low-hanging fruit within your practice.

Educate your patients with email newsletters and blog posts about services you offer. 


News your patients can use.  Email is not only great for patient education and retention, it helps drive traffic to your website which positively impacts your SEO. That’s why Legwork sends monthly email blasts that hit patients email boxes to encourage click-through and engagement with your blog.  Each email is designed and timed to work seamlessly with your monthly content platform and other media mix.  

Send drip marketing sequences to existing leads automatically through Legwork.


Deliver your message quickly, or slow and steady.  The Legwork team can assist you in developing a series of pre-built, pre-timed follow-up sequences inside the Legwork software.  From follow-up treatment sequences, to treatment specific education, Legwork will help you maximize the internal marketing features within your software. 

Market to your patients through special promotions and announcements with Legwork.


We love our patients.  Direct marketing to patients through social contests, specials, and announcements is a snap with Legwork marketing.  You'll have access to our talented team of designers and content developers who can assist you with launching your patient promotion through Legwork software.

Send direct mail advertisements to your patient database easily with Legwork. 


Snail mail.  Some say direct mail is dead. The only thing that’s dead is that kind of thinking.   A recent communications research survey found that 73% of consumers actually prefer mail over other advertising methods.  More importantly, 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. Direct mail can add another dimension to an internal and/or external campaign. When needed, Legwork has a multi-million dollar print and mailing fulfillment center ready to tackle any print campaign.

Legwork creates copy that is engaging to patients and search engine optimized. 


Content is King.  The Legwork team includes the finest copywriting talent in the profession. Our team is led by a Content Director who’s a dentist and an accomplished publisher with a formal background in Psychology.  Our content is fresh, patient-centered, and designed to capture, engage, and convert consumers into raving fans.

We can tailor the design of all your marketing materials to fit your brand image. 


Generic is a dirty word, picture, or email.  An award-winning creative group of designers and developers built the Legwork software with premium customization tools that give you the freedom of choice in your email, postal and website designs. Your marketing services team will collaborate with you to develop web and graphic materials that look and feel as good as you are.