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Show them your best. 

Research shows that you have just 15 seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor.  
At Legwork, we combine all the elements of design features and content to create an experience that prospective patients want.  Every site we build is designed to maximize conversions and create an experience that sets you apart. 

Custom content from Legwork will help your website stand out above the rest. 


It's your story.  We will help you tell it well.  Legwork's award-winning Content Director, Dr. Greg Grillo, is a highly successful dentist and copywriter with a degree in Psychology.    He will help you customize your storyline, and you can rest assured that your content will be grammatically accurate...and clinically as well.

Set yourself apart with graphics and imagery that drawn in visitors. 


Set yourself apart with a unique graphics and imagery.  Each website we build comes packed with customized design features to help you stand apart from your competitor.  Your logo, your colors, alongside our custom accents, create a site that displays more than its share of eye candy.

All Legwork websites are completely responsive and mobile optimized. 


Fluid scaling from smart phone to desktop.   The number of digital devices and screen sizes have exploded over the past decade. Fixed width websites are now not only penalizing you from a user perspective, but Google notices as well.  Legwork's responsive design ensures your site will scale up and down, optimizing your content's readability based on the user's device. This capability ensures your information is displayed in the most optimal format, every time.

Legwork can transfer your existing website design.


What if I like my website design, but I want Legwork features?  With Legwork, it’s easy. We can “skin” your site quickly and transfer your existing design directly into our CMS system without you lifting a finger.