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No More No-Shows.

Legwork PRM is the most complete dental appointment reminder platform on the market today.   Save valuable staff time, reduce no-shows,  and reactivate patient relationships - All with an easy-to-use platform that your team will love.

Fill and retain appointments with Legwork PRM automated patient appointment reminders. 


Filling and retaining appointments just got easier.  Legwork syncs to your database to send out automated appointment reminders and recall reminders notifying patients that they're due for a check-up or cleaning and need to schedule. You decide and customize how many reminders generate if a patient doesn’t respond before an auto-reactivation notice sends. 

Get patient's coming back to your office with automated communications from the Legwork PRM software. 


Statistically, it is much less expense to encourage a patient to return than to attract a new one. The Legwork reactivation technology moves your inactive patients off the stat sheet and into your schedule with enticing communications and incentives that call patients into action.

Automatically confirm appointments in your Legwork dashboard and your practice management software. 


Streamline your daily workflow with automatic patient appointment confirmation. When a patient confirms their appointment, Legwork will automatically set the appointment as confirmed inside your practice management system. An additional email confirmation can be set to go to your email should you want
additional backup. 

Communicate with patients via two-way texting integrated inside the Legwork PRM software. 


From your desktop to your patient's smartphone and back again. Pushing a text message out to a smartphone from a computer is pretty cool. Having a two-way conversation from your desk - that is downright genius! Stay in good communication while impressing dental patients with best-in-class text messaging technology. 

Legwork PRM software automatically groups family messages for multiple family appointments or bulk mailing communications saving you money. 


Patients appreciate less interruption, and you save money with family grouped messaging.  When patients make multiple family appointments, or you are sending bulk mailing communications to your entire patient list, Legwork will group appointments or send a single mailing to the head of household to be less intrusive and less costly.

Legwork PRM Software syncs with your practice management software in real time. 


See your time sensitive appointment data as it happens. Legwork syncs in real-time with your practice management software and your Legwork website integrations to ensure that you're able to see accurate data as it happens.