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Practices are built by happy patients.

Legwork helps you do more of that.


Happiness Delivered.

The best way to grow your dental practice is by transforming patients, both new and old, into happy and loyal promoters. This requires the tools to create memorable experiences that patients are excited to share with others.  

This is where the Legwork Smile Marketing Platform comes in.


Legwork Smile Marketing Platform

brings your most important marketing tools and
data together all in one single platform. 



Appointment Reminders
Recall & Reactivation
Contact Management
Patient Reviews

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Lead Grouping
Book Online Forms
Tracking Analytics
Digital Health History Forms

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Referral Marketing
Patient Education
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

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Fill your schedule and your pocket book.


Legwork PRM gives you powerful automation and patient relationship management tools to help you save valuable staff time. 

It's also the hub of our  
Smile Marketing Platform
The PRM syncs with your practice management software and your Website to bring you unparalleled control and insight into every patient relationship, both new and old.

Legwork PRM starts at just $99 a month.  

Now, that's happiness delivered!

Legwork PRM dashboard


Nurture and convert leads and patients into action.


Integrate your website directly into our PRM Software, providing features that no stand-alone site can offer.

  • Lead Grouping
  • Book Online Forms
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Digital Health History Forms
  • and more...


Build web traffic. Increase referrals.


Legwork's team of experts handle your internal and online marketing so you don't have to. The Legwork Smile Marketing Platform enables our team to perform the most complete and proven dental marketing services on the market today.     


The Legwork platform has helped us to increase our business over 20%.

Legwork helped us more than double our new patient growth in less than 12 months!

The team at Legwork has been instrumental in helping save my team valuable time while improving the patient experience.

I hired Legwork when my dental practice needed to increase our number of new patients each month. Their team immediately helped us grow our practice.

Legwork has been instrumental in rejuvenating my dental practice. They just don't teach us this stuff in dental school! Thank you Legwork for helping me with my practice marketing.

Legwork has been an essential part of our recent growth. Not only have they helped us more than double our new patient numbers, their platform has given us the tools to better communicate and interact with our patients. We wouldn't work without them!

The Legwork software is by far the most comprehensive product on the market for patient communication, interaction, and monitoring. We have been able to effectively engage our patient base through the software and have seen an increase in new patients, reactivation of patients, and quality referrals from our existing patient base.

Legwork's genuine understanding of dentistry and the power of well-designed branding and patient communication fit perfectly with the unique ideas I'd incorporated over the years. The carefully crafted process the Legwork team led us through proved instrumental in helping our practice achieve over 30% growth the next 4 years...all while trimming back on traditional marketing costs and focusing on what really connects with today's healthcare consumer.

I’ve worked with other companies, hired freelance and web designers. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money on web sites, branding and other services. The problem I consistently ran into was, they didn’t know me and trying to explain who you are is a hard thing to do. Working with Legwork has been different. I feel like they know me and as a result been able to better formulate our brand in my image.


We're ready to start
delivering you some happiness.